Photo: Bart Maguire/ Flickr.
Photo: Bart Maguire/ Flickr.

You’ve settled into your new home, met your flat mates and have made the most of freshers’ week, but what happens when the dreaded Freshers Flu hits you?

If it starts with a runny nose and ends with you feeling run down and absolutely rotten, it’s definitely freshers’ flu! But how do we rid ourselves of it before the real work of our degree begins? You don’t want to be the one sniffling and coughing all the way through your lectures and seminars.  Here are 6 things that will help you prevent that!

Eat properly
As much as ordering a pizza may seem like a good idea at the time, when you’re hungover and craving greasy food, it’s not giving your body the nutrition it needs to deal with the late nights and the alcohol. Having a decent meal can help keep the symptoms at bay.

Sleep is something every student will learn is extremely precious. There are so many events and parties that you simply don’t want to miss, and getting some sleep can help with recovering ready for the next big night.

Take a night off
Why not have a night off and go to the cinema with your flat mates? It’s not the end of the world if you don’t make it out every night – in fact, it can make your university experience even more memorable.

Take some vitamins
Your parents have probably bought you some, and if not you can buy them at a reasonable price from most supermarkets – it’ll give your body that extra boost that it so desperately needs right now!

Have some ‘me’ time
Moving into a new place is stressful, and being around so many people every day and night can sometimes be overwhelming. Take some time for yourself, and settle in properly.

Stock up on essentials
Have painkillers, Lemsip and a big blanket ready. If all else fails, you can curl up on the sofa with your flat mates and binge-watch your favourite TV shows. Now THAT doesn’t sound like such a bad idea after all!