Photo: daspunkt/ Flickr.
Photo: daspunkt/ Flickr.

It’s official – you’re a Lincoln fresher! And here at The Linc we know the burning question on everyone’s lips: what’s the nightlife like? So, we got Rebecca Adeyeye to spill the beans!


This is the night where students make their way to LoveDough – a student night created by a former Lincoln Film and TV student Dumi Siwo. He said: “The idea behind LoveDough was always about delivering an amazing experience and also being part of something incredible”. You can expect a cool atmosphere with chilled R&B and hip hop music with the occasional celebrity visit, which in the past has included Big Narstie and Chip.


A Tuesday night at Union – based at Home night club – is a night well spent indeed. Here you’ll find six different rooms with different music in each one, meaning there will definitely be something for everyone – especially those who love a dance and a sing-a-long to a bit of cheese on the ‘cheesy floor’.


Quack! is a night hosted by the Students’ Union at the newly refurbished Engine Shed, and is normally buzzing with the cheesiest pop music. It’s a good place to party on a budget and if you decide to join a society, Quack! is also where you’ll go for your socials making it a great place to meet new people. Each night usually has a different theme so it’s also perfect for those who love to dress up.


Entourage is another student night at Home nightclub where you can expect hip hop, R&B, house and chart music in all six rooms. It’s also a good excuse to get a bit more dressed up if that sounds like your thing!


In Lincoln, Fridays mean Superbull! Two floors of madness with chart, funky and house music on the top floor and R&B, hip hop, bassment and afrobeats on the bottom floor. Are you even a Lincoln student if you don’t have a picture with the Bull? The electric vibe will have you returning every week!


For those who are more into rock, Saturday night at Propaganda is the night for you! Another night hosted by the Engine shed, it’s perfect for those who love alternative music and want to party the weekend away on a budget.


After a week of clubbing Sunday is a day for relaxation. What do we recommend? A cup of tea, plenty of healthy food, and getting your uni work done. Also, everyone needs a bit of recovery time to do it all over again!