Photo: Student Smart
Photo: Student Smart

Missing out on a discount is one of the worst feelings as a student, but four University of Lincoln students have launched a mobile app to make sure you never miss another student discount.

Aaron Short (21), Henry Debenham (20) and Matthew Meekins (21), studying Creative Advertising and Ryan Burton (20), studying Software Development, are the team behind the project.

Student Smart works by sending mobile notifications in store, revealing the discount and how to apply it. It launched last month, and in the first two weeks reached 77th on the iOS App Store with over 1,000 downloads.

In addition to reminding you of the discount in store, something UniDays and Student Bean don’t do, Student Smart has also partnered with local businesses to provide unique city discounts.

Aaron Short, marketing director said: “Instead of trying to tackle tuition fees by protesting, which has been ineffective, we decided to make an app which makes sure students never forget that student discount”.

Student Smart is currently focused on Lincoln, but the team have an ambitious goal to be in every city with a university by next September. Each city will have a variety of unique deals for students, allowing them to save money at local stores.

While the app has already taken Lincoln by storm, Student Smart are not stopping there. The team plans to add beacon support and a web version of the app in the near future.

Branching out into next year, Student Smart wants to have a system similar to Apple’s Wallet app, which could let you store your student ID for use at any restaurant or store supported.