A Mexican-themed night at the University of Lincoln Students’ Union weekly club night ‘Quack!’ has been surrounded in controversy after a number of students suggested the event was “racist”.

Quack!'s Mexican-themed night will take place this Wednesday despite criticism from some students.
Quack!’s Mexican-themed night will take place this Wednesday despite criticism from some students.

Students commenting on the event’s Facebook page believe the Mexican Fiesta – offering free bottles of Desperados (tequila flavoured lager) and encouraging people to “grab a sombrero or a poncho” – is making light of Mexican culture.

The discussion thread on Facebook has opposing views on the subject.  One student said: “Well, I know where all the racists will be hanging out on Wednesday night” with another adding the theme was “nothing less than black face.”

On the other hand, many more commenters were dismissing these accusations of racism as ludicrous, and encouraging people to “leave it be – go out get sloshed and have a good time!”.

Others jokes saying: “Half of the people complaining will be caught at Quack! swigging down a free Desperados”.

Many people even began to mock accusations of Quack! being racist, decrying mock outrage at a “…British themed party where people turn up in top hats with bad teeth and drink tea? There would be an uproar! Oh wait no. No one would give a s***.”

The biggest argument surrounding the party was on a thread started by a student who wishes to stay anonymous, with the above comment encouraging people to go out and have a good time.

At the time of writing it has over 180 likes, two shares, more than 40 comments and many comment replies.

The original sentiment was lost in a heated debate which became less about the event and more about the student, who was accused of having “internalised racism” and being “the token POC (Person of Colour) for your white friends to justify their racism”.

The allegations are part of a wider societal narrative around what is acceptable and unacceptable when celebrating other cultures.

The encouragement to dress up in the stereotypical image of a Mexican can be seen as a reduction of their culture to a simple – perhaps offensive – costume.

On the other hand, this kind of ‘stereotyping’ happens with many other cultures such as the St Patrick’s-themed night at Quack! last year.

The Linc contacted the Student Union for comment over allegations of racism and cultural appropriation but they were unavailable for comment.