Photo: Omar Jordan Fawahl/ Flickr.
Photo: Omar Jordan Fawahl/ Flickr.

We’d all like to get a little healthier, and perhaps a little fitter too. But thankfully there are tonnes of mobile apps which can help you live a healthier, more positive lifestyle.


As you can probably guess from the name, this app gives you a seven-minute workout to perform whenever you feel like it. The developers at Seven have said it will help reduce body fat, improve your overall fitness and is good for your heart.

Despite it only being seven minutes long, the intense workouts really do make you break a sweat in such a small amount of time. You don’t need any elaborate equipment, in fact all you really need is floor space, a chair and a wall.

If you’re a bit sceptical about how good this app could possibly be because of the fact that you only workout for seven minutes, just give it a go and remember – seven minutes is better than nothing.


Lifesum is an app which basically tracks your fitness and food, so you can keep up-to-date with how well you’re doing. It also gives a little bit of motivation in the form of healthy recipes, exercising, and other inspiring hints and tips for anybody who feels they need it. It has a clean and easy-to-use design and is really effective at giving you just a little push.

The Mindfulness App
The Mindfulness App is available on both iOS and Android and it offers an extensive amount of meditation tracks, some with a relaxing narrator and others without. They vary in length and there’s also an introduction to the app so you know exactly what to do. Using apps like this for meditation to help you relax has a lot of proven health benefits – it can decrease stress, anxiety, fatigue and sleep disturbances as well as improving general mood.

Apple Health

Every iPhone has it, but perhaps not enough people actually take advantage of it. Apple Health is an extensive dashboard of all your health and fitness data and has everything from wireless scales, sleep monitors, and running trackers. Many apps work hand-in-hand with Apple Health, including 7 Minute Workout which logs all the calories you burn working out and puts them through Apple Health.

Backed by Jamie Oliver, this sweet app just aims to push you a little step further into the right direction. It has “micro-actions” which are small, daily habits to get into which can include eating healthier, meditating, exercise, or just being more productive.

For example, you could get told to eat a piece of fruit, create a to-do-list, or do some press-ups. It also urges you to post photos to the sight for proof and also to motivate or inspire other people. YOU-app is a very personal, content-heavy app which, if used correctly, can help you to transform your everyday routine.


Similar to Mindfulness, this app focuses on meditation and relaxation to help improve your health. Described as ‘meditation for modern living’, its aim is to help you de-stress regardless of how busy you are throughout the day.

It’s free to install and you get a ten day free trial but after that you are prompted to pay for premium. Headspace can make you feel calmer and peaceful and has been recommended for people with anxiety as it helps you focus on your breathing and blocking out any negativity around you. This app is also available for any android users.