Autumn is here and has brought with it the return of the A-line skirt. So far, it is proving to be the staple item of clothing that everyone should own – it goes with just about anything and suits every figure.

Here are three casual, everyday outfits that you can throw on throughout the next few months, which are perfect for lectures or a trip to the pub!

Photo: Olivia Peace

Collared shirt, thick tights & ankle boots:

The khaki green shirt makes this look slightly military, but combined with the dark red boots and corduroy skirt it makes for a perfect autumnal outfit. This look would be great with a purple lipstick and some thick gold jewellery too. Tousle your hair into light waves, add your favourite coat, a cute woolly hat and a scarf and you are good to go.



The striped, high-neck jumper:

Photo: Olivia Peace

This jumper was last year’s winter staple and its popularity does not seemed to have died down this year either. This look means you would not look out of place walking down the streets of Paris, and can be dressed up in a thick black winter coat and some smart leather boots or dressed down with a pair of Converse and a leather jacket. I would recommend a bright red lip and a top-knot too.



Band t-shirt & slouchy rucksack:

Photo: Olivia Peace

Without the rucksack, you could wear this outfit to Propaganda on a Saturday night and be one of the best dressed there. With the rucksack, this style is great for the warmer days that we still seem to be getting in Lincoln despite the season! If the weather is slightly colder, you could still style this with a pair of black tights (or even fishnets if you are feeling daring). It would go great with braided hair, a choker and a collection of rings and midi rings.



There are so many ways to wear this kind of skirt – it fits so many different, individual styles that it would be a shame to miss out on such a classic Autumn/Winter staple!