I have bad news for champions of Japanese food – Teriyaki is not a song based on the beautiful art of oriental cooking. Instead, it’s another string to Get Inuit’s ever expanding bow.

The top single from from Get Inuit's latest EP. Photo: Get Inuit Band
The top single from from Get Inuit’s latest EP. Photo: Get Inuit Band

Their self-named style of ‘dirty pop’ is at the forefront of this song as they aim to project odd lyrics while producing instrumentals of astounding quality, with a unique spin.

Get Inuit are a revolution in music waiting to be uncovered. The band has a focus on producing good, honest music.

The random nature of some of their lyrics encompasses their indie style, and being unsigned means that commercialism is nowhere to be found.

They prefer to use a unique sound within their songs, such as the distorted guitar found in Teriyaki and bounce their other instrumentals and lyrics off it. This is a great formula which really works for Teriyaki.

That’s not to say the lyrics of this song don’t accompany it beautifully – the lead singer Jamie Glass has a voice of sheer brilliance. He throws his voice around in such a youthful, joyful fashion it’s almost enjoyable to be told “we’re all going to hell”.

Get Inuit may hint at how far they’ve come in this song too, affirming their belief Teriyaki is a step forward when Glass wails “I can’t remember who I was before”, maybe hinting they’re truly in for the long haul as Get Inuit has become a way of life for the boys.

Get Inuit have a considerable repertoire of outstanding songs, and Teriyaki is another addition to this. My only criticism would be its pace, which is definitely a strength for some people.

However, in my eyes, their more structured songs like Mean Heart work better for their unique style.

Teriyaki is a great song, and perfectly supports the band as they inch closer to ‘making it’, touring with Spring King currently, and having played at SXSW, they’re definitely onto something those lads from Kent.

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