Photo Credit: Theresa Brandal Sande
Photo Credit: Theresa Brandal Sande

These days there are so many great makeup brands on the market, which is amazing, especially for those who are interested in beauty and cosmetics.

But for some, the large selection of makeup brands might make it a bit harder to choose what to buy. What makeup is actually worth spending more money on?

It’s a question that will probably get a lot of different answers depending on who you ask. People are different, and have various preferences when it comes to cosmetics.

As a student though, you might not always be able to afford what you prefer and the temptation of buying the cheapest alternative can at times be hard to resist.

“How bad can that £1 mascara be?” We have all been there. Having made the mistake of buying the cheaper version far too many times, here’s what type of makeup I think is worth spending those extra pounds on.

Photo Credit: Theresa Brandal Sande
Photo Credit: Theresa Brandal Sande

To be able to experience the amazing effect of a foundation, it might be wise to invest in a bit pricier one. After all it is the base of your makeup, so you need one that can do the job.

Which is providing you with a good cover, blending nicely into your skin and lasting throughout the day whilst preventing your skin from looking shiny.

If you are on the lookout for one that meets this criteria I would recommend checking out brands like Smashbox, Lancome and Clinique.

It is the same with a primer, if you want to experience its greatness, you might have to go up in price. A primer is a base as well, which helps the makeup you are using to last longer.

It also prevents the dreaded oily skin that can often appear throughout a busy day. If you are looking for a primer that makes your skin look soft and matte, you should check out brands like Benefit and The Balm.


Photo Credit: Theresa Brandal Sande
Photo Credit: Theresa Brandal Sande

Highlighters have recently become very popular, and it is definitely a type of makeup that is worth spending more money on.

If you want a highlighter to blend into your skin and look more natural in daylight – from experience – it’s worth buying one from a pricier brand. I would recommend The Balm and Urban Decay.