Famous TV presenter Jeremy Clarkson was seen wearing a University of Lincoln hoodie in a video released ahead of his new motoring show The Grand Tour.

The new show stars the former Top Gear presenting trio of Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May who were doing a promotional video posted on Facebook ahead of the show’s release.

The Grand Tour Jeremy Clarkson wears Lincoln hoodie
The new series begins on Amazon Prime on November 18. Photo: The Grand Tour/Amazon

Clarkson (56) can be seen standing between Hammond (left) and May (right) wearing a black hoodie with the words ‘University of Lincoln’ printed on it.

You’d be forgiven for wondering a number of things like: did Jeremy Clarkson go to university here? Or were they at the university when they filmed the video? Or does Lincoln feature in their new show?

Unfortunately it’s none of the above!

In fact, the story goes back to May 2011 when the trio were at the university filming for Top Gear.

As The Linc reported at the time, Clarkson and May were testing electric cars when one ran out of power.

The scene attracted a lot of attention as the presenters broke down alongside the Brayford Pool, before moving the cars onto campus.

The cars were eventually charged up courtesy of electricity supplied by the university – via cables running through the windows of student services and the uni shop in the main admin building.

Anyway, it was during the visit that the university supplied two hoodies – one to Clarkson and one to May.

It’s nice to see at least one of them has a permanent reminder of who we are – and kudos to the university’s marketing department on this one!

The new series of The Grand Tour begins on November 18 on Amazon Prime. Watch the video below: