Photo Credit: Ivy and Gold (Flickr)
Photo Credit: Ivy and Gold (Flickr)

Payday may have been. Or, you might be absolutely broke from spending too much of your budget. But you will be okay, because The Linc have rounded up the perfect knitwear for you if you’re watching your money. Don’t worry, we have got you covered.Because what can seriously be better to wear in winter? With the awful freezing weather dawning upon us, it’s time to start thinking about the best jumpers to wear. There is no better time to invest in a few new jumpers. You know you want to. You will no longer be shaking with cold on your daily walk to lectures.

Photo Credit: Chambray and Curls (Flickr)
Photo Credit: Chambray and Curls (Flickr)

The Jumper Dress
Okay, so not technically a ‘jumper’ but a jumper dress is an amazing buy. It has the potential to be your winter wardrobe staple. An essential find for when the weather is being mild, because too many layers could lead to sweating – and we don’t want that do we? Pair with tights and ankle boots for a classy look that doesn’t take much effort – great for early morning lessons.

A Cashmere Jumper
Have you ever felt a cashmere jumper? If you have, you will know why this has made our list. It feels heavenly, because it’s one of the softest fabrics ever. Even though this is pricier than the rest of the items – it is worth it. Plus, it is cheaper than most cashmere jumpers are. For a casual look, pair with some simple jeans or for a cute girly look – pair with black tights and a skirt.

A Turtle Neck Jumper
Turtle neck jumpers are a must-have in the frosty weather, keeping our neck protected and warm against the gusts of icy wind. The best thing about this jumper is that it is also cropped which means, you still get to show off your body shape. Pair with black high-waisted jeans to complete this outfit.

Photo Credit: Interiorrain (Flickr)
Photo Credit:
Interiorrain (Flickr)

A Christmas Jumper
Winter would not be the same without a classic Christmas Jumper. It just would not be. But promise us that you will not wear it until the start of December. These types of jumpers can get you into a festive mood and add some colour into the cold days. Pair with a cute grey hat for a cute touch of style.