Lincoln Students' Union (SU)

The University of Lincoln’s Students Union will provide free black-and-white printing to students from September – it has been announced.

The new printer station will be introduced over the summer, ready for when new students enrol at the start of the next academic year.

The free printing service will be available to students from the start of the next academic year in September. Photo: Lincoln SU.

In a statement, the Lincoln SU said: “We are pleased to announce a new (AIWIP) printer station will be installed in the SU reception. The printer station provided by AIWIP will offer free black and white printing for all students at the University of Lincoln.

“To enable the free printing, AIWIP place small adverts across the bottom of each free print, this is ideal for lecture slides and revision notes.

“However; students can pay to print ad-free if they need to. The cost is just 5p per black and white page or 20p per full colour.”

More information about how to use the service will be made available once it has been installed.