Rebecca Garbutt has browsed the well known student-discount app to let you know about the best deals.

You can download the UNiDAYS app from App Store and Google Play. Photo: Theresa Brandal Sande

After a summer of saving pennies and part-time work, it’s fair to say that the moment your student loan drops, it’s hard to contain that adrenaline-fuelled desire to spend.

Luckily for us, the High Street totally gets this, and while their goal will always be to sell to us, offering student discounts heightens the incentive to spend with them. It’s a win-win – sort of.

Apps like UNiDAYS have compiled all these offers onto a single digital platform, and with such a variety of app-exclusives to choose from, here’s a roundup of all the best local deals:

ASK Italian – Up to 40% off your total food bill

What better way to bond with your new flatmates and shrug off the stress of university than with great food and dusky waterfront views to match. ASK Italian offers a 40% discount for diners visiting on Mondays and Tuesdays, with a 25% discount for Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. While this only applies to the food you order, it counts for up to seven guests you bring along too. Assemble the flat!

Spotify – 50% off a Spotify premium subscription

With a lot of walking to do around university, having a downloadable supply of all your favourite music can really make a difference. Spotify understand that an annual subscription of £120 is steep, especially for students, but £60 is literally half the financial burden. Unlimited music or five takeaways? (I know what I would choose).

BoohooMAN – 50% off your order and free standard delivery

UNiDAYS often have extra special deals which they can limit to as little 24 hours. This offer however seems to be here to stay, and it’s awesome to say the least. With move-in day for most in late September, it’s likely you came to university with all your summer clothes in your suitcase. This offer is the perfect excuse to refresh your look and stock up on sweaters. – 20% off your order

Whether you’re a fresher or a third-year, student nights welcome all of us, and no matter how many dresses you own, there’s always space for another. Treat yourself to a new style, and work the whole city as your catwalk.

Paperchase – 20% off in-store or online

While paying £5.99 for a glittery silver pen is not something most students can afford, you could argue that investing in some nice stationery is a little more justifiable than a new pair of heels. To be fair though, anything that makes revision a little less tedious, I’m all for it. If you’re in need of some new stationary, you should make the most of this offer before it expires on October 31.

Ultimately, there’s really no harm in treating yourself, and a little retail therapy can really go a long way if you’re having a bad week. Lucky for us, thanks to student discounts, these treats can become a little more frequent.