Since last year, highlighters have been all the rage to spruce up your look. Whether it’s a subtle highlight for the day or an intense one for the evening, they have been a cult-product in everyone’s makeup bag.

Photo: Manisha Sodera

A good highlighter can literally go anywhere on your face (watch: the full face of highlighter challenge on YouTube). However, there are a few specific areas of the face which will make your look on point for any occasion.

The most well-known place to apply highlighter, is the top of your cheekbones. By doing this you accentuate them and give a natural radiance to your face. If you want a more intense look, you can apply it in a V-shape towards the top of your temples to exaggerate your glow.

Highlighting the inner corner of your eye can enhance your eye-makeup as well as boosting your overall appearance. The centre of your eyelids is also a good place to apply highlighter, as it opens your eyes and make it seem like you’re more awake.

Photo: Theresa Brandal Sande

Applying highlighter to your cupid’s bow with a small brush or your finger allows the look of fuller lips. Kylie Jenner started the trend of fuller lips, and overlining your lips or applying highlighter to the cupid’s bow, is an inexpensive way to achieve this look

Brows have been in style as well, and applying highlighter on the arch of your brow will accentuate them while giving you a mini brow lift. When doing this, start with a light hand as you want a natural look rather than an intense one.