Festival season is about to kick off and dressing for it can be a tricky business. You want to look stylish and cool, but must consider the unpredictable British weather – which means never knowing if it will be sun, showers or a complete mud-bath.

“A cross body or a belt bag is a safer alternative with the absence of easily accessible zippers.” Photo: Jake Robinson

When thinking of festival style icons, the most memorable ones are Vanessa Hudgens at Coachella, looking comfortable but flawless in hippie-esque ensembles, or Alexa Chung; who makes the band-slogan tee and denim cut-offs look effortlessly hip.

Going to a festival is a test for your wardrobe – and by wardrobe, I mean survival kit. I’ve scoured the rails to find shopping ideas that cater to all your festival needs. It’s all about having fun and being comfortable, knowing that you look chic.

There is nothing more synonymous with festival fashion than a pair of wellies. The boots ensure you can walk for miles without getting your feet wet or being in pain. To keep your toes snuggly, pick up a pair of welly warmers too.

Although dresses are cute for every occasion, playsuits and jumpsuits are much more practical for festivals – as well as being a huge 2018 trend. Both are incredibly unrestricted; letting you dance as energetically as Matt Shultz and bust out moves to your favourite bands. To take things up a notch, stray away from the standard silhouette. Get strappy with it and avoid pastel colours.

Raincoats are a good shout for unexpected showers and crayola brights are all the rage at the moment – think reds, pinks, and sunshine yellows and pair with funky patterned flowing trousers to complete the look.

There are plenty of must-have accessories to include in your summer survival kit that go beyond sunglasses and sun cream. The conventional wisdom of keeping your belongings in a backpack when entering the arena is a magnet for thieves. A cross body or a belt bag is a safer alternative with the absence of easily accessible zippers.

Hair accessories are the perfect way to disguise the fact that you haven’t showered in three days… From feather hair rings to silver clickers to beaded headbands, these accessories will look very boohoo with plaits or a half-up-half-down style.

Follow these top tips and take your festival fashion game to the next level!