A University of Lincoln student has created a Facebook support group for girls in the Lincoln area in an effort to keep them safer on the city streets. Amber Marshall, 19 created the closed group at the start of November.

Photo: Antonio Marano on Flickr

‘Lincoln Girl Gang’ includes a discussion board which allows girls to share their own personal experiences, advice and offers to help other girls around the city. The idea is that girls can contact each other by calling, messaging or meeting up if needs be to protect each other from strangers, particularly at night.

Creator of the group, Amber said:  “I never expected the group to grow as much as it did and it really shows the importance of having someone to contact when you’re walking alone as over 2,000 girls must feel the need for it the same as I. It’s heartbreaking also that so many girls feel the need for it, however I hope that a strong community of lovely, friendly women will make one another just that little bit safer.”

Between October 2017 and September 2018 there were 647 reported cases of violence and sexual assault in Lincoln. The recent reports of ‘clown scaring’ around the city have also raised much concern. One student posted to the Facebook group ‘Overheard at Lincoln’ stating she ‘had to make a 999 call at about 9.45pm’ after being followed by a man in a clown costume on her way home yesterday.

The group currently has 2,298 members.  The idea originally came from a chat found on the Nottingham Tab which was created for similar reasons of keeping girls safe.

One group member who wishes to remain anonymous said: “The group has boosted my confidence massively. It’s nice to know that there’s people who would care enough to walk you home in the middle of the night if needs be. I love the whole idea of girls supporting girls.”

It has proven to be extremely popular so far and is growing larger by the day.

You can join by clicking here.