The University of Lincoln have been crowned the winners of Varsity 2019, with a score of 337-234.

Photo: University of Lincoln Students Union

After a tournament made up of 116 fixtures, Lincoln have retained the trophy for the third year in a row.

Katie Maloney, the University of Lincoln sports officer, took to Twitter to say: “Every single one of you smashed it out of the park today! Could not be prouder to be your sports officer.”

The win comes after a first-time victory from the university’s cheerleading squad, and a clean-sweep by Lincoln in the first ever esports Varsity event.

Teams were awarded 4 points for a win and 2 for a draw. The total points were added together at the end of the night.

Events were held across the city in almost every sport the university holds. Take a look at our round-up of the day for the details.

The exact results of each game are due to be announced soon.