We don’t have the final results for you just yet, but as Varsity 2019 draws to a close, we can give you a round-up of all the day’s events.

Photo: Alexandra Keene

After a few technical issues, the first ever esports Varsity event got underway at just after 11 this morning.

The event, held in the Engine Shed, was live-streamedĀ on Twitch and offered the audience a show of three games.

Over at the sports centre, 9 teams did battle in a total of 23 fixtures.

Outside, hockey matches ran throughout the day. Netball, Cheerleading, Trampoline, Futsal, Volleyball, Fencing, Squash and Table Tennis shared the sports centreĀ building. It’s too early to tell you the exact scores, but the results seemed to be positive.

Photo: University of Lincoln Students Union

The day involved events held throughout the city. Football, Ultimate Frisbee, Basketball, and Cricket kicked off at Christ’s Hospital School, while Lincoln College held Badminton and Archery events.

The Dance teams showed up in force at the theatre-royal, offering up Tap, Jazz, Contemporary and Street dance.

The Varsity action spread as far as Nettleham Rugby Football club, Yarborough Athletics Track and Riseholme park. All in all, it’s safe to say that the city of Lincoln was filled with action today.

Photo: University of Lincoln Students Union

The day wasn’t just made up of fierce competition, though. 3 friendlies were on show throughout the tournament: Men’s Futsal, Women’s hockey 3rds and Swimming Cannon.

In total, points will be counted from 116 fixtures. 4 points are counted for a win, and 2 for a draw. The University with the most points will be crowned the champions of Varsity 2019.

Last year, the University of Lincoln were crowned champions of Varsity 2018 after it was revealed the University of Hull played non-students in matches.

We will update you with this year’s final result as soon as they are revealed.