Two University of Lincoln graduates say they’re “making good progress” with their cancer make-up range and will name one of its first products after a family member who passed away with the disease.

Sacha Burke (left) and Amy Bland at their graduation ceremony.

Amy Bland, 21, came up with the idea of a make-up range for cancer patients during the last academic year along with fellow Lincoln graduate, Sacha Burke, 21.

The idea was initially created as part of the creative advertising course they were both studying, but after graduating last week, the pair are now taking their brand to the public.

Amy and Sacha have now made significant changes including a major re-name from their first title of ‘Chemo Cosmetics’.

Amy said: “Without the presssure of a university deadline, we’ve had time to do some proper market research and one of the things that came out of that was that our name needed to be a little more sensitive.

“Some people going through chemotherapy want to keep it discreet and they spend money on things like wigs, so they don’t want to be walking into a shop and buying make-up where the chemotherapy element is so prominent on the product.

“At the same time it has to be easy for patients to find as it is a product designed specifically for them, so the products will still say ‘Chemo Cosmetics’ on the packaging but our new brand name is ‘Genuine Cosmetics'”.

Other changes in the major re-brand includes new packaging, graphics and a new logo.

The products are designed specifically for chemotherapy and radiotherapy patients, who are often unable to use standard make-up products when undergoing the treatments due to how dry and sensitive their skin becomes.

Amy was inspired to create the brand after her Nan was went through chemotherapy treatment after being diagnosed with bowel cancer.

One of the first products will be named after Amy’s Nan Margaret.

Amy said: “As she progressed with the treatment she had to chuck all of her make-up away which was really sad for me and my Mum to see because she loved her make-up.

“That’s when I knew there was a market for something like this because even when she was getting really ill, she never wanted to look like a victim.”

Amy’s Nan sadly passed away two years ago at the age of 73, but one of the first products of the new make-up range will be named after her in the form of an eyebrow pomade called Margaret.

Other products will include cheek tints, lip colours and eye shadows.

The brand will be mainly online-based as many patients can find it hard getting out to the shop, with orders already coming in from cancer patients after only launching their social media platforms around two weeks ago.

With a promotional video now shot, Amy and Sacha are  looking to start buiding up their website and be up and running by next month.