MPs have voted to back the Government’s request to hold an early General Election on December 12, paving the way for the first Christmas poll since the 1920s.

The vote will take place on December 12. Photo: Flickr/Matt Brown.

Although the election bill is yet to pass through the House of Lords, it is widely expected to do so and all eyes are now beginning to turn towards the upcoming campaign.

Parliament will dissolve next week, triggering a relatively short five-week election campaign.

Whilst at university, you can either register to vote at your home address or at your university address, and can only vote for an MP in one of these constituencies (if they’re not the same), whichever is the most convenient.

If you choose to register to vote in Lincoln, here are all of the candidates who will be standing:

Karen Lee – Labour Party

Karen Lee will be standing for the Labour Party. Photo: UK Parliament.

Karl McCartney – Conservative Party

Karl McCartney speaks into various microphones and cameras
Karl McCartney will be standing for the Conservative Party. Photo: Asmund Lovdal

Caroline Kenyon – Liberal Democrats 

Caroline Kenyon will be standing for the Liberal Democrats. Photo: Lincoln, Sleaford and North Hykeham Liberal Democrats.

Reece Wilkes – Brexit Party

Reece Wilkes will be standing for the Brexit Party. Photo: Reece Wilkes.

Sally Horscroft – Green Party

Sally Horscroft will be standing for the Green Party. Photo: Lincoln Green Party.

Charles Shaw – Liberal Party

Charles Shaw is standing for the Liberal Party.







Rob Bradley – Independent

Rob Bradley is standing as an independent candidate.







During the campaign, The Linc will be interviewing all of the Lincoln candidates in this election before bringing you live coverage of results on the night itself.

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  1. Come on vote for what we voted for to leave the EU.Reece Wilkes is the only candidate who will do that.Karen Lee lied to the people when she said that she would honour the Referendum result.

  2. A vote for the conservatives is a vote for the Boris deal which is not leaving the EU.Its the same as Mays treacherous BP

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