Welcome back to another Linc playlist. If you don’t quite know what this is, be sure to check out our last article for the full explanation.

This time around, we kick off with Neil Diamond’s ‘Brother Love’s Travelling Salvation Show’, a heartfelt folk track from a world-renowned artist. Definitely worth a listen, if you ask us.

Also on the agenda, some of our editors have been celebrating the return of pop quartet JLS, throwing “Beat Again” into the mix for the first time in many years. Singer-songwriter Jake Scott might be more up your alley, his country-pop song “Favourite T-Shirt” also finding its way onto this playlist.

Staying on the theme as Scott, Eli Young Band’s “Love Ain’t” and Russel Dickerson’s “Every Little Thing” both make an appearance, a perfect option for any fans of upbeat country tracks.

The ever-popular Tame Impala make it in this time, their psychedelic rock tunes always a crowd-pleaser. The song we’ve included, “It Might Be Time”, is no different: a mix of slow rock and pop culminating in a mellow yet continuously intriguing production.

Alessia Cara’s “October” might’ve been more relevant for the last playlist, given the name, but nevertheless, her soulful pop is one we very much recommend you get behind. Mellow and ever-so-slightly sad, it won’t make you dance around. It will, however, be the perfect staring out of the window track.

Sam Smith’s “I Feel Love” is a favourite of thousands of fans, as well as our team. A cover of Donna Summer’s track, its instrumentals steal the show as Smith moves away from their well-known somber vocals.

Also included this week: Violent Femmes’ “Good Feeling”, The 1975’s “Fallingforyou”, and Alex Roe’s “Enough”. But we’ll let you make up your minds on these on your own.