A Lincolnshire author’s novel is being recreated for cinema.

Planning for the film began last summer and filming took place from 23 November. Photo: Buffalo Dragon, with permission from Samantha Lee Howe

The film adaptation of Samantha Lee Howe’s USA Today bestseller The Stranger In Our Bed is due to be released this summer, produced by Buffalo Dragon and with screenwriting by Ms Howe herself.

The film features Outnumbered and Downtown Abbey star Samantha Bond.

“In August, my friend, Fraser Hinds, introduced me to Terri Dwyer, the former Hollyoaks actor and now producer at Buffalo Dragon,” said Ms Howe.

“I told her about my book and she went away and read it. She came back to me and said ‘I love it. Let’s make this happen!’”

The Lincolnshire author expressed her delight at the cast.

“When I’m writing characters, I feel that they’re invented, and I don’t really have a particular actor in mind. They’re just people I’ve visualised in my mind. However, when Samantha Bond and Emily Berrington were mentioned to me for the roles of Isadora and Charlotte, I thought ‘Yes! They are absolutely perfect!’”

The film is set to be released in the summer. Photo: Samantha Lee Howe, used with kind permission

She added: “The strange thing now is I see the characters as all these actors now too! I’ve seen some of the footage and they really are perfect.”

Planning for the film began last summer and filming took place from 23 November.

Ms Howe said that the set remained completely COVID-free and, except for some production delays, everything went smoothly.

“They did everything they could to protect the cast and crew from COVID. My husband and I went on set for a couple of days and we actually isolated for 3 weeks before so we knew we wouldn’t be putting anyone at risk,” she said.

As for the release date, she said she feels optimistic about being able to celebrate: “With the vaccine coming, I have high hopes that the cinematic release will be in the summer and we’ll have a premiere. Any excuse for a new frock!”

By Adam Laver

News Editor at The Linc.