The mural of Sir Isaac Newton

A mural of the Lincolnshire-born Sir Isaac Newton has been completed on Kirkby Street in Sincil Bank.

The mural of Sir Isaac Newton
The mural of Sir Isaac Newton on Kirkby Street. Photo: Student Housing

It’s the first of a series of planned murals spearheaded by Student Housing as part of The Sincil Bank Art Project.

The scheme aims to help modernise and bring a new lease of life to the community.

Speaking about the project, Harry Conti, managing director of Student Housing, said: “Whilst studying at university, Sincil Bank became my home.

“Having lived in the area for three years, it was clear that there was some real potential. After spending 5 years establishing my business in the city, I found myself in a position to make a real improvement to the area.”

The project has taken four months to plan, but the messages and feedback received so far have been a reward for the hard work.

Sir Isaac Newton mural
The project has been in progress throughout this week. Photo: Ben Robinson

“I didn’t expect it to have the impact that it has had,” said Mr Conti.

“We’ve had some of the nicest messages I have ever seen. We have people that want to come from other countries to come and see it,” he added.

The mural was created by internationally renowned French artist Zabou.

While working on the project, Zabou also received a number of kind comments.

She said: “It’s one of the best things about the outdoor industry. We get to communicate with a lot of people, and the feedback has been really great.

“Everyone has been stopping by. There have even been people parking and tapping on my shoulder to say ‘I just need to tell you that this is great!’”

Planning for the next design has already begun, but who it may be and where it will be brought to life is yet to be revealed.