The University of Lincoln is working with the Students’ Union to develop plans for a permanent memorial after tributes to Sarah Everard were vandalised.

The considerations come after vandals damaged tributes to Sarah Everard. Photo: Madison Bown

A memorial was created on the University Library bridge in March, after the 33-year-old was found dead in Kent woodlands. PC Wayne Couzens, 48, has been accused of kidnap and murder.

Ms Everard’s death sparked international protests, as data from The Guardian revealed that 97% of women have been sexually harassed.

Statistics and slogans about gender violence were written in chalk around the memorial and spread through Lincoln’s streets.

In response, vandals ripped down photos, statistics and stories that had been taped up on the bridge. Offensive graffiti also tarnished several tributes.

Zara Christian-Norris, president of the Feminist Society at the university, said: “A permanent memorial would be a reminder to students, no matter their gender, that the university does care about their safety and the safety of women.

Ms Everard’s death sparked international protests. Photo: Madison Bown

“The tragic murder of Sarah struck a chord in everyone’s hearts and to go and put flowers down and to write a note was something that people could do to feel closer to the situation and to recognise this is something heartbreaking that hasn’t just happened to this woman, it’s happened to so many women across the world.”

She added: “I think communication between all genders needs to happen and conversations need to happen, and people shouldn’t be afraid to have these conversations.”

The Feminist Society collaborated with the Students’ Union to create a series of social media posts detailing where students can go and what they can do if they feel unsafe on campus.

They have also created a WhatsApp group as a safe space, which people can message if they feel unsafe or want someone to speak to.

By Madison Bown

News Editor at The Linc.