The West End Lights have returned to Lincoln with a one-night walking tour of lit up local houses.

On Friday, December 1, almost forty homes decorated their windows and gardens with snow spray, videos and fairy lights. 

Rob Whitney poses in front of his house. Pictures by Rhianna Stephenson.

Local residents kept the display going between 6pm and 9pm, with adults, children and dogs gathering in the streets. 

St Faiths Church opened their doors to passers-by with carollers, Christmas trees and free hot food. The Sycamore Café also opened after hours to serve beers, mulled wine and hot chocolate. 

The West End Lights began in December 2010 when snow blocked traffic off from the street, and 9 houses lit up their windows for people walking past. The year after, 26 houses took part.  

Rob Whitney, one of the volunteers at the event, said: “We do it all with a can of snow spray, a credit card and a snow scraper to make the patterns. 

“We’ve been doing it since it started. It’s a community thing, and we love the idea of sharing what we do. It’s a nice atmosphere.” 

By Rhianna Stephenson

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