In a bid to transform the aspirations of young minds into vivid realities, Lincolnshire County Council is joining forces with the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) to launch a pioneering primary school careers programme, aptly named “Start Small; Dream Big.”

This innovative initiative, funded by the Department for Education and the national Careers and Enterprise Company, is designed to be a catalyst for inspiring children, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, to dream big about their future careers.

Scheduled to run until 2025, the Start Small; Dream Big programme is set to make a significant impact, reaching 2,250 primary schools and benefiting 600,000 pupils across 55 Education Investment Areas (EIAs). The initiative, orchestrated by the LEP’s Careers Hub, which has previously demonstrated success in supporting secondary schools in the region, is a testament to the commitment to creating a brighter future for the younger generation.

Armed with a budget of £2.6 million, the programme is more than just a career guidance effort. It aims to bridge the gap between education and the professional world, providing students with hands-on experiences that will help them make informed decisions about their future. The initiative will facilitate interactions between students and professionals, allowing young minds to explore a spectrum of careers and comprehend the skills needed for future success.

Moreover, primary school teachers will play a pivotal role in this transformative journey. They will receive specialised training from Teach First, a renowned educational organisation, empowering them to design and implement effective careers programmes tailored to the unique needs of primary school students.

The eagerly anticipated Start Small Dream Big programme is scheduled to kick off in March 2024, with primary schools in Lincolnshire urged to engage with this transformative project. The LEP’s Careers Hub will host a series of launch webinars in January, providing an in-depth overview and answering any queries from interested parties.

Councillor Patricia Bradwell OBE, Deputy Leader of Lincolnshire County Council, expressed her enthusiasm for the initiative, stating: “We welcome this new funding that means we can support our primary schools and help young people to explore the world of work in exciting and meaningful ways, raising aspirations and reducing barriers.”

The overarching goal of the programme is to not only provide career guidance but to inspire primary school children by connecting them with real-life role models, illustrating the relevance of different subjects to diverse careers, and fostering a culture of ambition and aspiration for the future.

As Lincolnshire sets the stage for this transformative initiative, the Start Small; Dream Big programme is poised to become a beacon of hope and opportunity for the next generation, paving the way for brighter and more informed career choices.

By Noah Cole

I'm Ellis, Deputy Editor of The Linc for 2022-2023. I specialise in politics. You can find me @EllisAsherUK on Twitter or at my website