As March looms closer, so does the opportunity for University of Lincoln students to demonstrate their solidarity with the homeless community.

YMCA Lincolnshire’s annual Sleep-Out fundraiser, scheduled for March 8, beckons students to join the ranks of local people aiming to tackle homelessness head-on.

In the wake of previous successes, such as the 2022 fundraiser which saw YMCA Lincolnshire raise £8,500, the organisation say they are gearing up to shatter records and make an even greater impact in 2024.

With homelessness remaining a “pressing issue” in Lincolnshire, they say the funds garnered from the Sleep-Out will play a key role in providing shelter and support services to those in need.

According to the charity Shelter, “at least 380 people were homeless in Lincolnshire on any given night last year” (2022).

“Two fifths of those without a home were children.” Of the total number of people Shelter says were homeless in the county, 25 were sleeping rough, and 355 – mainly families – were living in temporary accommodation.

“Lincoln had the highest rate of homelessness, with around one in 707 people living in a hostel, temporary accommodation, or on the streets.”

To combat these statistics, this year YMCA Lincolnshire is issuing a special call to university students, recognising their potential to drive meaningful change and ignite a fresh wave of community engagement.

YMCA Lincolnshire say that by braving a night under the stars, supporters not only stand in solidarity with the homeless, but also confront the reality of life on the streets.

For those interested in the Sleep-Out fundraiser, detailed information is available on the YMCA Lincolnshire website.

By Noah Cole

I'm Ellis, Deputy Editor of The Linc for 2022-2023. I specialise in politics. You can find me @EllisAsherUK on Twitter or at my website