Topshop’s new make up range finally hits stores

Topshop is loved across the country and world for its cutting edge clothes, jewellery, and accessories. Now it battles the tough market of make up, and with so much pressure on the brand, it has to do it well. It covers eyes, lips, skin and nails and is focusing on seasonal collections to stay cutting edge.

This collection is focused more towards this summer’s festival season, so includes face and body glitter and body art crayons.

For eyes, there is a selection of eight duo eyeshadows in gorgeous complementing shades. From dark smokey shades to bright pastel shades, it’s well worth investing in one and copying the bright make up we saw at the Luella Spring/Summer show.

Topshop's much anticipated make up collection launches in stores and online today. Photo: The Style PA

There is also a small collection of super volumising mascara, a felt eyeliner, and six bright eye crayon shades. Eye crayons are a great and easy way to get a creamy eye shadow look, and these six include glitter to give you that real party look.

A large selection of kohl eyeliners to explore and two fabulous glitter pots in blue and pink is also on offer. The glitter pots can be applied to face and body and are perfect for the festival season.

For lips, they offer a sexy collection of six shades of red lipsticks with brilliant names, the best being a pinky shade called Brighton Rock. Topshop have also introduced a new way of applying lipstick, a lip stick. Looking like a chunky lip crayon, this allows you to define the shape of your lips, then fill with glossy colour. An excellent idea for easy application on the go.

For more of a natural daytime look there is a diverse selection of glaze, gloss, polish and balm. The packaging for the polish comes in a gorgeous chic polka dot pot and is a stylish handbag essential.

Of all the products within the Topshop make up selection, the skin products are the most exciting. Summer is approaching and we want bright skin and a gorgeous glow, and it seems Topshop is going to offer us it for an affordable price! If you’ve been looking for a highlighter to brighten up your skin, Topshop offers a skin glow for £10. For those hot summer days, be it at home or abroad, you won’t want to wear a heavy foundation. Instead the summer must have, is a tinted moisturiser and there are four shades of their Skin Tint to choose from.

There is also the mess-free cream blushes and bronzers combined of four colours. As well as a two-in-one lip and cheek tint. Finally for nails, there is a diverse selection of colours from bright pinks and oranges to this season’s must have pastel shades – the most tempting being a sickly sweet lemon colour called “Bee’s Knees”.

Topshop’s loyal following will no doubt be excited about the launch today, and these long sort after products in their super stylish packaging. The hard part is knowing where to start. For a limited time, Topshop is giving away a tote bag with purchases, so it’s worth exploring.


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