High End vs. High Street: salt sprays

Summer has well and truly been and gone but despite the drab weather that’s currently spreading across Lincoln, there’s no need to say goodbye to sexy, beachy hair just yet.

High street vs high end. Which is best? Photo: Jemma Page

Being a student, you’re bound to be strapped for time and a great way to create effortless volume, body and texture is to use a salt spray.

The Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray is an absolute classic. It’s the original. The best. And it’s without a doubt a wonderful product. A few spritzes into wet hair and a quick blast of the hair-dryer will transform your hair from dull to “beach-perfection” in an instant. At £21.50 it’s without a doubt pricey but if you’re not willing to splash out and invest just yet, they do offer a 50ml alternative which retails for £9.50.

Since the explosion of the salt spray, many different brands have brought out alternative (and much more affordable) options. Umberto Giannini’s Glam Hair Tousled Salt Spray requires a bit more work but as it retails for £5.61, the extra effort is worth it. A similar concept to Bumble and Bumble’s offering; a couple of spritzes into the hair, a blast of the hair-dryer and a tiny bit of hot iron curling and you’re good to go for the day.

The better of the two? Nothing comes close to Bumble and Bumble’s version in my opinion – it’s so effortless – but when Umberto Giannini’s offering saves you £15.89, it’s hard to resist.

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