Top fashion designer Antonio Berardi was on hand to present the awards at the Lincoln Fashion Show at the Engine Shed on Friday, May 23rd. The show was a culmination of three years of hard work by the UL’s Fashion students. This was their chance to showcase their efforts to industry executives, fellow students and members of the public.

Antonio BerardiDr. Berardi, who has an honorary doctorate from the University of Lincoln, presented the prestigious “Antonio Berardi” award to Joanna Mckenna, one of the university’s top designers.

Along with Berardi, Vice Chancellor Professor David Chiddick and Professor Michael Saks appeared on stage

Professionalism could be spotted from every aspect of the show: the lights, the catwalk, and the models. Even the tickets glittered; attention to detail was given to every part of the performance.

Berardi Award

The models, all students, lined the room whilst helping the audience find their seats amongst four hundred others, offering drinks and flashing.

Andrew David’s voice got the audience prepared for the start of the show. Each designer had a theme and had to create their fashion range.

Personality came out in the bright colours, wild frills and clever patterns. With the music to match each design, the girls on the catwalk captured the audience’s attention.

Reporting by Cal Purdon