The 'Superstars' event kicks off with a bungee run on Friday afternoon on the Architecture field.

The first round of the “Superstars” event, which starts Friday, November 20th at 3pm in the Architecture fields, should see 50 competitors representing their teams and societies from the university.

There are five rounds for both male and female competitors, where they will compete in various challenges. This Friday will see competitors battle on a bungee run. Points are awarded depending on how well the competitors do and they are calculated into a women’s and men’s league table.

After the five rounds, there will be a semi-final held at the Tower Bar between the top four male and female competitors. The two male and female winners from the semi-final will then compete in the final, planned for a Fever Pitch night at the Engine Shed in April.

Chris Farrell, the Students’ Union’s vice-president for sports, is hoping the event will bring together all of the sports and societies members.

“It’s a new event and it’s really exciting. It brings everyone together and also it gives the opportunity to the students to come in and compete against each other. Hopefully, each team will bring their own supporters which will see both sports and societies teams joining in together. It’s taken a lot of time to plan but it seems to be working well so far.”

Harry Newton will be competing for the Ultimate Frisbee team and is hoping to get off to a good start.

“I’m looking forward to it, not entirely sure how it’ll turn out though. I’ll give it my best shot and see if I can rack up some points. We’ve got a few competitors in the competition from Ultimate Frisbee, so I’m hoping to add my bit.”