The University of Lincoln Volleyball Society hosted an incredibly high attendance with over 80 people at its first taster session at the University Sports Centre on Saturday 9th October.

In past years, the society has entertained 30 to 40 members at peak, so the team was surprised, and delighted, to receive double the usual number of members.

President of the Volleyball Society, Sam Lewis, 20, spoke on the huge and unexpected popularity of the taster session.

Two players from the Men’s Team attempting to block a return.

“It was really successful, to be honest. We had such a high turnout, we had 80/90 people -something like that, so it was really good to see so many new faces and so many people really enthusiastic to get into the sport.”

With the recent return of the academic year on Monday 11th October, the Volleyball Society was one of 48 sports societies that welcomed students to partake in taster sessions and trials for the men’s, women’s, and mixed teams.

Joe Ford, 20, was one of the many students that attended the trials and has been selected to compete for the Men’s Team this year.

“I’ve wanted to play volleyball for a few years now, ever since first year, as I’ve played it at secondary school but because of stuff like COVID last year we didn’t have any sports on. I thought this year I would try it out, see what it’s like. It’s been really fun and enjoyable.”

The team practicing their positions when receiving the serve.

Attention now turns to Wednesday afternoon, with both the men’s and women’s teams in action as they take part in their first competitive games of the season in their respective University BUCS leagues.

The men’s team face off against Aston Men’s at 1pm, followed by the women’s team at 4pm who entertain De Montfort Women’s with both matches in play at the University Sports Centre. Support from the sidelines is highly encouraged.

While trials may be over, if you’re interested in giving Volleyball a go, social sessions take place in the University Sports Centre on Thursdays 9-10pm.