Lincoln’s theatrical stage is set for a magnificent spring season this year. There’s something for everyone, and you do not want to miss out.

Due to the huge amount of talent deserving attention, The Linc compiled a list of the best plays to note in your diary and tell your friends and family about:

  1. Stephen Berkoff: One Man — January 30th — LPAC

    After leaving his audience stunned in December with “Shakespeare’s Villains”, Stephen Berkoff makes a return to the LPAC with another and yet very different, one-man show.

    “One Man” will see Berkoff perform two contrasting stories, both social satires. In the first act he will re-tell the Gothic classic “The Tell-Tale Heart”, a short story of a murderous narrator who desperately tries to prove his sanity, yet guilt and paranoia are never far. In the second act Berkoff plays a football hooligan and a Pitbull terrier in the comedy “Dog”.

    For those who were left wanting more in December, or anybody wanting to witness some true acting genius, this is a show for you.

  2. Shakespeare’s The Rape of Lucrece — February 10th — The Drill Hall

    RSC actor and Olivier Award nominee Gerard Logan is set to send temperatures soaring when he brings Shakespeare’s narrative poem to life.

    Logan’s solo performance finished a hugely successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2008, and has since played sell-out performances all across London.

    This is a perfect opportunity for William Shakespeare fans to see the some of the literary master’s lesser known work in action. Intensely passionate and full of emotion, “The Rape of Lucrece” looks to be a performance to remember.

  3. Young & Rocking Final — February 12th — The Drill Hall

    Finding new talent is something that Lincoln is passionate about, and this event will be a great way to encourage and support the best new bands the East Midlands has to offer.

    With acts coming from Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, and Hull, this will be full of entertainment, as the final five bands play head-to-head to win the top prize: the chance to work with a major video production company.

  4. Stan Won’t Dance presents Babel — February 20th — LPAC

    Sit back and watch as the walls of political correctness are smashed down by the all-male dance group Stan Won’t Dance and their uncompromising moves.

    It has been five years since the group surfaced, and since then they have gained quite the reputation for their overt and challenging opinions.

    This is a show that stands out as something special and is likely to get you thinking as they perform their unbelievable routines.

  5. Comedy Fringe Weekend — March 11th–13th — The Drill Hall

    There’s nothing better for the soul than laughter. Kicking off this weekend of giggles is the Half Wit Theatre group with “First Class”, a physical theatre show that’s sure to revive your lust for life, as the character Michael Bates meets Beatrice and enters her wild imaginary world.

    Friday 12th will see Channel 4’s award winning sketch show “Pappy’s World Record Attempt” hit the stage. The show got rave reviews at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

    Lastly, a trip back to the ’80s with “This Is Now”, a hilarious dance duo who toy with the first ever “Now!” CD and bring about some brilliant dance-comedy. Straight afterwards, it’s a boogie night with DJ Heretic, who will be playing classic ’80s tunes sure to have you dancing throughout the night. Song requests are welcomed.

  6. Sherlock Holmes… the Death and Life — April 14th — LPAC

    Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s infamous detective will come face-to-face with the LPAC audience in the form of British award-winning actor Roger Llewellyn, in an intimate show that’s sure attract many.

    This is Llewellyn’s fourth time playing the character and he is known for playing it convincingly, so “Holmes” devotees shouldn’t worry. Llewellyn has mastered the art and Lincoln should look forward to another incredibly talented actor to walk to stage and impress the audience.

  7. Double Bill: Idol Chat and Red Betrayal — April 15th — The Drill Hall

    After the success of their 2009 plays “J, D & Coke” and “Going Down”, Lincoln’s own 4Front Performance Company are back with two plays for the price of one.

    The brand new comedy “Idol Chat” explores what could happen if five recognisable icons were in the same room together and had no idea why. Afterwards, “Red Betrayal” will look at the period known as the “great terror” in the Soviet Union during the 1930s.

    Innovation is paramount for this company, so expect something fresh and inventive.

  8. Huck — April 20th–21st — The Drill Hall

    Predicted to be a highlight of the season is when Mark Twain’s classic novel “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” takes to the Lincoln stage, by the award-winning theatre company Shapeshifter.

    Commonly regarded as the first “great American novel”, the story follows Huck and his friend Jim, a runaway slave, as they drift down the Mississippi river.

    A tale of childhood escapism and freedom, this is an adventure for everyone, however the more serious issues, particularly racism, make a creeping appearance to highlight the play’s cruel context.

  9. The Caretaker — April 20th-21st — LPAC

    Dark humour and long pauses, the signature components of the late, great playwright Harold Pinter’s work, will be brought to Lincoln through his renowned play, “The Caretaker”.

    Pinter’s first commercial success, the play is set in a filthy attic room and has three characters: Davies, a tramp who is given shelter by the mentally-challenged Aston, and his sardonic brother, Mick. As the play progresses the tension increases, and revelations swamp the stage.

    Pinter’s brilliance makes for the perfect play to help London Classic Theatre celebrate their tenth anniversary.

  10. SUS — April 28th–29th — LPAC

    As the 2010 general election draws near, Young Vic and Eclipse Theatre Project revisit election night 1979, as the Thatcher cabinet prepares to take over as the new, female-led Conservative government.

    During this night, a black man is arrested in an East London pub on the grounds of the “SUS” laws, which made it legal to stop and search anyone, purely on the grounds of suspicion.

    A powerful condemnation of institutional racism, “SUS” covers some cruel truths that are seldom exposed today.

If these choices aren’t for you or simply don’t whet your theatrical appetite, do not fear as there are plenty more shows, concerts, comedians, talks, films, and more, coming to Lincoln. The city has a phenomenal amount of talent waiting to visit and perform at our five theatrical venues.

LPAC: 0844 888 4414
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