— Amy Peat contributed with this article

Sex and the City fever is officially rife for a second time, with the long awaited sequel having just been released. However, rather than audiences being gripped by a confusing plot line, or amazing special effects, everyone is really looking at the amazing outfits.

For those wishing to recreate the looks of Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, and Miranda, it can get a little bit pricey, especially considering that the styling budget for the movie has been rumoured to be around the $10 million mark.

If you can afford a little luxury, the more expensive end of the Sex and the City look is taken right from the movie itself. Carrie is famed for her bravery and freshness when it comes to styles, and one of the main brands from the film, Halston Heritage, reflects this.

Carrie’s famous white dress featured in the trailers was made by Halston Heritage, and you can have it too, however, it is expensive at £216.

Footwear brand Redfoot have also launched Sex and The City inspired footwear.

For something pocket friendly that we can all afford, it comes down to the accessories. At ASOS you can pick up a range of cute Sex and the City themed necklaces by jewellery brand Dogeared.

All necklaces are made from either sterling silver or are gold dipped, and priced at £45. Each is a thin chain with a Sex and the City themed charm on the end, with a love heart, diamond, stiletto, cocktail glass, or Eiffel Tower available to buy. They’re a lovely addition to any wardrobe and make perfect gifts for your friends.

If you were inspired by the make up from the film, then there are easy ways to recreate the style on a budget.

Why not try Sarah Jessica Parker’s brand new perfume, SJP NYC. On the SJP official website, its perfume is described as “fragrance and fashion together in a surprising new way”. This means that not only will you love the beautiful bottle but also the fruity, summery fragrance within it.

Unlike a lot of fragrances around today this one is relatively cheap, at only £23 for 30ml or £14 for a handbag friendly 15ml at Boots.

Also available from Boots are Sex and the City themed fake eyelashes by Eyelure. Priced at a pocket friendly £6.49 for a set, the collection of four pairs of lashes are inspired by the films main ladies.

The Carrie themed lashes are full with a single crystal detail. Charlotte’s are feminine, romantic and long, whereas Samantha’s are thick, sexy and dramatic. The Miranda themed lashes have outer corner detailing, perfect for adding drama.

So, it really is possible to recreate the Sex and the City look no matter what your budget is. It’s more about your own style initiative than bank balance. No longer is the style in the film just for Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha – it’s for all of us!

— Photo from Phoblographer by Chris Gampat.