Every teen romance film needs to have some sort of obstacle that one of the lovers needs to overcome before they can finally fulfil their destiny and be together forever. Although “Scott Pilgrim vs The World” does feature that in a way, it certainly has it with a twist. Try adding in action, comedy and a comic-book and video game style. As the Universal Pictures logo and theme begins the film, pixelated and retro in pure 80s gaming style, you know this film is going to be unique.

Juno star, Michael Cera leads as the titular character who meets Romana Flowers (Mary Winstead), the girl who he dreamt about the night before and who he is sure is the girl for him. However, as that would be too simple, Romana is not your average girl. Whilst playing for his band “Sex Bob-Omb” (one of the many videogame references in the film), the first of Ramona’s seven evil ex-boyfriends challenges Scott to a duel.

This first fight scene, coming a fair way into the film, is the start of a spectacle for any videogame fan as retro graphics, beat-em-up style battles and comedic one-liners join in with the action. From the changing aspect ratios to the scores for each move, the authentic sounds to the Super Mario Bros explosion into coins, the battles are a joy to watch.

The film is based on Canadian Bryan Lee O’Malley’s comic book series, “Scott Pilgrim”, and the comic’s style is portrayed beautifully. Reminiscent of “Sin City” and “Kick-Ass”, Scott Pilgrim transforms into a live-action comic book brilliantly as typography flies across the screen out of toilets and telephones and music styles are echoed by the graphic style, including two anime Japanese dragons representing a couple of electro DJs.

The comic book style flourishes thanks to the quick-paced and quick-witted signature style of director Edgar Wright, of “Shaun of the Dead” and “Hot Fuzz” fame. Some of the cinematography is beautiful, the comedy is hilarious and Wright manages to create a fully surreal yet realistic world that transforms from videogame to naturalistic style seamlessly.

One slight disappointment is the performance of Cera. He is in trouble of being typecast as a geeky, unconfident, weedy teenage boy (even as he turns 22) and this performance matches that description. Not forgetting that he plays this character very well, it’s not what was needed for such a heart-breaking, rock music playing super hero.

The hype over comic book conventions, in film circles and over Twitter unfortunately came to very little at the American box office. But for comic book, videogame and cinema fans in general, this really is a great experience. “Scott Pilgrim vs The World” is energetic, funny and absolutely gorgeous to watch. Although it hasn’t been able to match The Expendables’ all-star cast, you should really go and see it – and expect a shower of coins to follow…

Rating: 8/10

By Joel Murray

Born and bred in Leicester, I am currently studying Media Production at the University of Lincoln. I'm a Christian and a musician, I play the oboe and different guitars. I love football, my club is Leicester City. I enjoy films, music and video games. You can follow me on Twitter at @joelmurray.

2 thought on “K-O performance for ‘Scott Pilgrim’ film”
  1. EX’S!! not ex-boyfriends! have you seen this film?
    You haven’t included any of the excitement or pure coolness of this movie.
    Also Cera wasn’t un-confident. or weedy. He flew through the air punching people and kicking them in the head!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Anna.
    Haha yeah EXs is right, can’t forget strange, emo Roxie!
    I agree that he flew around kicking people’s heads but as soon as the stunted action sequences he went back to his normal character, I thought. He plays it well ad certainly suits the film but was not an extraordinary performance, I didn’t think.

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