Style is fast moving, always changing and forever creating grey areas in our wardrobes. Solving style dilemmas alone can be difficult, and so The Linc style team has been asking people of Lincoln for their problems. Here’s our suggestions, but if you have your own, have your say below.

Olivia Hollis, 16: What do you wear with yellow? I have a mustard cardigan but nothing to wear with it!
Yellow is always a tricky colour when finding the right colours that match it. However, the truth is, you don’t have to be adventurous when it comes to finding something that works.

Throughout Paris Fashion Week, designers such as Giambattista Valli, Stella McCartney and Doo-Ri used simple colours like white and beige to complement harsh yellows. You can also try to avoid bright make up as this will add a sophisticated and natural feel to complete your outfit.

Shona Fitzsimons, 18 and Laura Turner, 19: What do I wear with shoes that aren’t black? Green shoes in particular, I have a lovely pair of green shoes but I don’t know what colours look best with them. I have a friend with £60 shoes who just stares at them — I don’t want to be that person!
There’s something to be said for a simplistic style. Wearing a pair of statement green shoes with a little black dress would immediately enhance your outfit or trying them out with reds and purples.

It’s always best to wear the same shade of green as a different shade to that of your shoes may clash.

Chloe Frogatt, 17: I have a long torso and short legs so finding something to wear that doesn’t make me look smaller than I am is hard. What can I wear to make me appear taller?
When it comes to wearing the right clothes for your shape, there are quite a few rules for what not to wear. But there is a lot of advice available to combat the problem of how to elongate short legs.

Avoid wearing long tops as they will only draw attention towards your middle, making you look shorter. Stylists advise that bootcut or straight cut jeans are best for lengthening the look of your legs, as well as wearing high waisted. If all else fails wear a heel. Whether it’s a boot or a shoe with a couple of extra inches, it will do the trick without any unnecessary pain.

If you have a style problem that you need some help with, don’t hesitate to email one of our style team and we will do our best to lend a hand.