John Fernandez contributed with this report

The University of Lincoln sports hall was treated to a spectacle this weekend as the Students’ Union’s Ultimate Frisbee team hosted a small women’s and beginners tournament.

Teams from all around the Lincolnshire area travelled on Friday and Saturday to compete in what proved to be an excellent tournament.

The university’s Ultimate Frisbee society entered three teams into the mix for the one-day competition—one women’s team under the name Linx-Effect, one beginners team who called themselves Disc-Guise and finally one team of alumni and players’ parents called Heritage.

Tournament director Hannah Deere said: “The weekend was a great success and it was nice for the Heritage team to do so well.”

In the end the first team from Bourne Grammar School finished in top spot after notching up some brilliant scores in the group stages and overcoming Heritage to win in the dying minutes of the final.

The other Lincoln teams performed well in the tournament as well, with Disc-Guise finishing in 3rd place and Linx-Effect finishing 8th. While Linx-Effect did finish bottom of the tournament they were unlucky in defeat— in two of their games they lost to a last second point.

President of the Ultimate Frisbee society Roxy Driver said: “It panned out well and it was great to see so many close games that kept us on the edge of our seats.

“It will be nice to see if we can get more support down for our bigger tournament, the Lincoln Spirit Derby, at the end of March.”

One of the surprise packages of the tournament, as well as the Heritage team, were Bourne Grammar School’s second team, which included four players who were in year seven. That didn’t hold them back though and they ended up placing in 4th after a tightly fought game against Disc-Guise.

A key element of Ultimate Frisbee is the ‘spirit of the game,’ which means that you are encouraged to be good natured and play with a good spirit as the game is self-refereed.

In tournament matches teams are asked to write down the other team’s ‘spirit’ scores out of ten. At the end and the team with the most points win a prize—sometimes a cake, sometimes a wooden spoon or in this case a trophy.

Heritage were awarded the Spirit trophy at the presentation at the end of the day and there was a trophy for the winners Bourne 1st. The plate was given to Disc-Guise in 3rd and the bowl was given to 5th placed Big Girls. Seventh place York 2 were awarded the spoon.