Three stores on the high street opened late on the night of Thursday, March 24th ready for the midnight launch of the Nintendo 3DS console.

HMV, GAME and GameStation all opened their doors to customers with pre-orders of the latest console from Nintendo.

The console allows you to play games in 3D without the need for any special glasses. The price varies heavily between retailers, though is generally found between £180 and £230.

The Lincoln branch of GAME had over 170 pre-orders for it before the release date. However, a few fans queued up without a pre-order and were lucky enough to get their 3DS.

Ian Kelsey pre-ordered and bought his console from HMV. “If it’s anything like the Wii, it’ll be impossible to get for the next 3 months. I didn’t want to risk it,” he said.

Far from the hundreds of fans that turned out in London around 30 people queued up for the 3DS in Lincoln Game.

Jeremiah Osei-Baidoo was the fourth in line to get his console. He said: “It’s not too bad, the technology works really well and the slider allows you to adjust the 3d effect for your eyes. I just wish that some proper titles would come out for it; now I have to play the waiting game.”