One of Lincoln’s most unusual and intriguing attractions has fully reopened its doors after a large refurbishment this July.

The attraction was the first to offer Virtual Reality experiences in Lincoln when it opened in 2016. Photo: Stewart Millar. 

Tension Twisted Realities, a family entertainment centre specialising in Escape Rooms and Virtual Reality experiences, reopened on July 4 after COVID-19 lockdown guidelines were lifted.

However, the Virtual Reality suite was still undergoing refurbishments, instead opening to eager visitors on July 18.

The attraction, which can be found at 53 Croft Street in Lincoln city centre, was the first to offer Virtual Reality experiences in Lincoln when it opened in 2016.

Four years and a £25,000 refurbishment later, manager Stewart Millar thinks the revamp is a great improvement.

“Before the refurbishment, the VR suite was spilt into four separate enclosed rooms, two on either side of the floor with a small dark corridor between them,” Mr Millar explained.

“We have now opened up the whole floor for a more open plan feel, with all the VR booths all down one side with open fronts.”

There is also a new bar serving hot and cold non-alcoholic beverages and cold snacks as well as an extra seating area for over 60 customers which will soon be full of board games to play while waiting and socialising.

Tension Twisted Realities attempts to offer something for every age group with over 150 VR games and experiences ranging from climbing Mount Everest and visiting the seabed to zombie shooting, sports and immersive adventure games.

“When the company started four years ago the owners wanted to make gaming a more social activity that you can do with a group or family and make it more accessible to all ages and abilities,” said Mr Millar.

The new refurbishment includes a large bar and seating area for up to 60 visitors. Photo: Stewart Millar.

Returning customers who waited through lockdown for their VR fix have spoken highly of the refurbishments to the new suite and had a safe experience thanks to Tension Twisted Realities’ new Coronavirus precautions.

“We have added hand sanitiser at the entrance and the cleaning of the headsets and controllers was always very important even before COVID-19 so we were already on top of that,” said Mr Millar.

“We have also changed our booking slots so we can keep on top of social distancing.”

A VR experience at Tension Twisted Realities, is priced at £40 per booth per hour, recommended for 1-4 people, or £60 per booth for 1.5 hours, recommended for 1-6 people.

The escape rooms are £17.50 per adult, £12.50 per under 13 and free for under 3’s.

Tension Twisted Realities also offers a 10% student discount when you enter code STUDENT at the online booking stage.

To book an experience yourself, visit their website or contact a member of the team on 07843 378707.