Conservative Marc Jones has been elected as the Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner for the third time.

Mr Jones got 39,639 votes but was closely followed by Labour’s Mike Horder with 31,931 votes.

He was first elected as PCC back in 2016 and has now started his third term in office.

The role was set up in Lincolnshire in 2012 and is carried out by an elected politician who oversees the police budget, sets a crime action plan, and holds the Chief Constable to account.

Marc Jones said: “I’m really pleased. Obviously, I’m part way through delivering on a program of reforms that’s seeing crime come down across the county and working with the new chief constable I’ve appointed.

“It’s great that I’m going to have that opportunity to drive that down even more, keeping our communities even safer.”

Labour’s candidate Mike Horder said he was pleased that he came so close to the Conservative candidate Marc Jones.

He added: “I really feel the people of Lincoln have spoken. They want change, they want fair funding for Lincolnshire Police.

“Unfortunately, I’m not in position to do that, but hopefully that will be achieved now that they’ve spoken.”

Reform UK candidate Peter Escreet came third with 15,518 votes while Liberal Democrats’ Lesley Rollings came forth with 13,380 votes.

Peter Escreet from the English Democrats finished in fifth place with 15,518 votes.

The voting turnout for the PCC election was 19.08%, down from the 31% turnout in 2021.

[Image Credit: Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner]

By Oliver Castle

I'm Ellis, Deputy Editor of The Linc for 2022-2023. I specialise in politics. You can find me @EllisAsherUK on Twitter or at my website

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