Graduate success stories can be few and far between, with most students leaving university with little more than an empty pocket and high hopes.

However, University of Lincoln graduate Lewis Healey says that the key to success is to “always sell yourself, no matter where you are.”

Healey, 20, recently launched his own unique clothing label, Diamond Dozen, and with only 12 of each t-shirt design being sold, customers are guaranteed complete exclusivity.

“I know that if I buy a t-shirt from a local high street store, about 4 other people will already have it. I want to offer people attractive designs at a good price and to give customers the confidence that they are buying something exclusive,” explains Healey.

The former student began by studying multimedia technology at the University of Lincoln but says that Diamond Dozen was a “completely separate project” which he hopes will showcase what he’s learnt “both creatively and in the field of business.”

“In my spare time I produce video loops for clubs, freelance graphic design and web design. Doing these things for years I wanted to produce a company that I could receive credit for but… I don’t want to be looked at as a graphic designer selling his designs on t-shirts, I want to be treated as a legitimate business,” he explains.

The idea behind Diamond Dozen began in 2010 but, says Healey, it didn’t take off straight away, “I decided to start Diamond Love a year ago to try and showcase my designs, but it didn’t go anywhere because I couldn’t get a good deal on the printing.”

One year later, after a 6-page business plan and continuous market research, Healey was finally ready to launch Diamond Love under its new brand name Diamond Dozen, and says that its success was down to “believing in the brand.”

“Don’t ever give 50% on something, either 100% or nothing! Use the expertise of the people around you, believe in the brand and always sell yourself no matter where you are,” says Healey.

“I constantly drop in to conversations with new people I meet that I have a clothing label, and always carry business cards or stickers!”

Diamond Dozen offers premium designs which you may expect to find in high street stores, with Healey’s main inspiration coming from space, “I am absolutely fascinated with it and I’m sure most people are” he says.

To browse Healey’s unique t-shirt collections which truly are a dime-a-dozen, visit his online store at