Four students are going head-to-head in the Lincoln SU elections for the role of VP Welfare and Community.

The successful candidate will replace Andrew Twagira, who was elected in March 2012. The Linc caught up with the candidates ahead of the elections.


Brian Alcorn

BrianAlcornEditBrian Alcorn, also known as “Irish Brian”, says he is “passionate about celebrating culture and diversity in the Union” and has “learnt a great deal about differing cultures and how to ensure that they are well represented and respected” through his experiences at the University of Lincoln.

If elected, Alcorn said he will tackle the “big challenge” of “ongoing accommodation issues, where the committee who decides on what landlords/letting agents are accredited only takes into consideration the physical properties of the building and not the experience of students”.

In addition, Alcorn wants to “represent student parents as well as improving employability of students by running workshops for kids during half-term when uni is still on but school has broken up”.

Alcorn added: “Your vote is valuable so don’t waste it!”

Further details about Brian Alcorn including his manifesto, are available on the Lincoln Elections website.

Chris Liddle

ChrisLiddleEditCriminology and politics student Chris Liddle believes that “welfare is important. It includes your health, housing, environment, safety and more. Without a dedicated VP to address these issues you won’t be able to fully enjoy university”.

If elected, Liddle plans on “increasing scholarships, student support and employability”, “make access to health care easier” and “strengthen the university community”.

He also aims to “set up regular drop in sessions and will also meet with groups within the university”.

Liddle added: “Community is important; one of the main aspects of university is making friends for life. Through cultural events and community meetings I want to make sure that every student can make many lifelong friends from a variety of backgrounds.”

Further details about Chris Liddle, including his manifesto, are available on the Lincoln Elections website.

Scott McGinn


Scott McGinn believes that “the Students’ Union and university are for every unique and diverse individual, and should engage every ind
ividual in a positive experience”.

If elected, he intends “to open stronger dialogue between students and staff”, have “more frequent drop-ins” and “increased  focus on charitable campaigns like Breast Cancer Awareness Month, LGBT History Month, and events like Children In Need”.

McGinn said: “No matter what my plans, ideas, and responsibilities, what’s most important for me is that my motives are student-led, and that everything I do is a reflection of the voices of the people we’re working for – our students.”

He continued: “We’re a vehicle for student-inspired improvement, change and opinions. With every day, I hope to learn and develop, and to effectively prioritise my targets to reflect what my students want and need.”

Further details about Scott McGinn, including his manifesto, are available on the Lincoln Elections website.

Molly Smith


If elected, Molly Smith believes that her “most important purpose is to listen to the needs of all groups and individuals and take action”.

Some of her aims include to “create more mental health services”, “improve accommodation problems (including landlord related issues and bullying)” and “setting up a self-defence and legal rights session for LGBT, religious and international students”.

In addition, Smith also believes “DART students are often overlooked”, so she has proposed “DART student meetings alongside more socials and supporting disabled sport”.

She added: “It’s wonderful the university has put on more cultural/religious events this year, such as the Diwali festival and Chinese New Year. We should do more of these, uniting students together by gatherings.”

Further details about Molly Smith, including her manifesto, are available on the Lincoln Elections website.