Police have made an urgent appeal for information following the theft of five mobile phones at the Moda Warehouse Party on Saturday 19th October.

Phones are being targeted in clubs by organised crime gangs. Photo bronskiwantsyou2012 (via Flickr)Following the spate of thefts, officers have reminded club goers of their vulnerability while at gigs and clubs due to the frequent nature in which gangs target gigs. They are urging owners to keep their phones safe in such environments.

Lincolnshire Police spokesman, James Newall, said:

“There’s not been a rise in the number of thefts, however there was a spike at this event as it was targeted by an organised crime gang,”

Newall continued:

“With women in particular, they need to be careful about where they are keeping their phone. Often, they keep their phone in their bag over their shoulder, which is dangerous as they can’t see it. People need to be careful about people brushing up against you, as it tends to be a simple pick pocketing job.”

“There’s gangs like this up and down the country. It’s not unusual for gangs to target these kinds of events due to the large number of people.”

Police have encouraged mobile phone owners to register their phones’ International Mobile Station Equipment Identity (IMEI) number in order to simplify the process of returning the phone should it be recovered.

Any victims of mobile phone theft at the event can report it by emailing Stephen.parker@lincs.pnn.police.uk, while anyone who witnessed suspicious activity can call 101 for the attention of PC Stephen Parker.