The SU and willing volunteers today took to part in Community Action Day that involved litter picking up on Carholme Road and the surrounding areas.

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Welfare and Community Vice President Brian Alcorn spoke to The Linc about the reason for the litter pick. He said, “From a survey earlier in the year, it came back that students would like to do more volunteering in the community.”

The Community Action Day happened to coincide with an email sent to all students from Vice Chancellor Professor Mary Stuart and SU President Dan Sam about recent complaints of anti-social behaviour of students, made by local residents.

The email read, “These complaints have been about noise disturbance and irresponsible behaviour in the late evening or early hours of the morning.”

When asked about whether the Community Action Day litter pick counteracted these complaints, Brian Alcorn said, “I’d like to think so.”

He continued, “It’s a national issue, I think anywhere you go, residents don’t always think students are a good idea so I think this will do something to improve community relations.”

He then pointed out that Community Action Day had been planned long before of the recent complaints.

The Linc also spoke to three of the eleven volunteers who helped out with the litter picking.

Kate Parker said, “I kind of feel good about it, and it’s nice to talk to everybody.”

All three felt that if local residents saw students taking part in events such as litter picking, it might show that those students who have been responsible for annoying local residents are in the minority.

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