Research by online bed retailer shows that Lincoln is the fourth worst city in the UK for bad dreams.

A man sleeping. Photo: MaryLane (via Flickr)The data was collected by the retailer’s “Jar of Dreams”. The Jar of Dreams focuses on specific words to collect mentions of dreams on Twitter.

It is described saying it “gives a unique insight into the minds of those using Twitter to broadcast their emotive feedback on dreams, from great experiences and weird goings-on to more nightmarish, shocking ordeals during their sleep.”

Time4Sleep’s Jar of Dreams says that 30% of Lincoln people are reporting their dreams as “bad, sad, worst or :(.”

It seems the North of England don’t have very good dreams as it’s the location of a lot of the top ten worst cities for dreaming.

1. Leicester (45%)
2. Leeds (33%)
3. Norwich (31%)
4. Lincoln (30%)
5. Aberdeen (29%)
6. Worcester (28%)
7. Sheffield (27%)
8. Manchester (26%)
9. Liverpool (26%)
10. York (25%)

Time4Sleep’s research also shows the top ten cities in the UK for good dreams.

1. Swansea (50%)
2. Hull (47%)
3. Nottingham (39%)
4. Newcastle (38%)
5. Cardiff (38%)
6. Birmingham (37%)
7. London (36%)
8. Glasgow (36%)
9. Aberdeen (33%)
10. Edinburgh (33%)

Jonathan Warren, Director at Time4Sleep, said that the Jar of Dreams provides a valuable insight into the nation’s sleep habits: “We spend a third of our lives asleep, and have finally been able to use technology to gain a fantastic insight into how the nation sleeps and dreams,” he said.

“We thought it would be interesting to see the mood of people’s dreams every night, and how the content can change depending on their work, personal life or what’s been going on in the world that day.

“Thankfully the data shows that most people are having good dreams at the moment, but there are some interesting links between the type of dreams we have and where we live.”