Written by Åsmund Løvdal.

Jesus, doughnuts and Narnia; the Christian Union kicked off their annual Mission Week last Monday February 23.

The theme of this year’s week was “Jesus: just a story?” and a range of events took place across campus.

The week started with Dial-a-Doughnut on Monday, were anyone could text the Christian Union a question and receive not only an answer, but also a doughnut.

On Tuesday it was acoustic night at the Platform with performances from a range talents.

On Thursday Mickey Mouse was replaced by Aslan in a series of fairy stories including the Narnia books.

Finally, Friday saw the last event where participants were invited to explore any religious questions or queries they might have had.

Event organiser at the Christian Union, Emma Barnett, said the week was about making God known on campus:

“It is our mission to spread the word of God and we wanted to do it in a way that is accessible to everyone,” she said.

“We are an open group and we are against all forms of discrimination. At University people are open for new ideas and thoughts and we wanted to answer all questions at the best of our ability.”

She added: “We believe in God as a god of love, by giving out things for free to others we wanted to spread that love.”