A record-breaking Lincoln Student Union Elections 2014 came to an end on Friday February 28 at a packed-out results ceremony at the Shed. Current SU President Dan Sam hosting the election results. Photo: Alexandra LzrThis year’s campaign broke a number of records, including the number of students who voted. 30% of students voted in the #choosethevoice elections this year; up 3.5% on last year.

Brian Alcorn, current VP for Welfare and Community, will be the SU President next year after winning a majority vote over the other presidential candidates.

He received 2611 of the votes, compared to 636 for Marcus Askam-Yates and 316 for Charlotte Greenley.

Brian, who successfully utilised his #BackingBrian campaign, said:

“These two were inspiring (Marcus and Charlotte), the ones that chased me the whole way. I couldn’t have done it without my mum, my dad and my three brothers.”

“If there’s one thing I could say to all those who voted for me, it would be thank you.

“In as few words as possible, I want to make life better for students and continue the work I’ve been doing.”

The role of VP Activities for the next academic year went to Hayley Jayne Wilkinson, who beat off stiff competition from the likes of Sam Strickson and Conor Maclellan.

This was the scene of another SU record, as Hayley became the first female to hold the role of VP Activities.

She said: “I couldn’t thank my team enough; they drove me. I’m looking forward to what the future holds.”

Olivia Hill secured the role of VP Community and Welfare after receiving the most votes in her category. She came ahead of Lauren May Richardson and Raymond Ndhlovu.

She said: “My opponents did an absolutely amazing job; I feel like I’ve got a new group of friends.”

“I want to lower those in isolation and to reinstate £2 million to the student opportunites fund.”

The final, full-time paid role in the SU for the next academic year went to Joshua Leafe. Using his ‘Joshi’ campaign, he managed to beat Kate Withers to the role in nail-biting fashion by coming just five votes ahead.

The tiny five-vote margin was another SU record.

Joshua said: “I have such a strong team and this has to go to them and my parents; without them, I wouldn’t be here.”

“Even though the voting’s closed, the change hasn’t stopped; I’m still accepting comments,” he later added.

The results of two referendums were also announced on the night. The student bar, the Shed, will continue to be called ‘the Shed’ after an overwhelming majority vote.

The students also largely voted against a marking boycott, which means the SU officially oppose the action.

For a complete list of this years SU Election results, please visit the Lincoln Students’ Union website.

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