The sun has just started peeking out of the clouds in Lincoln and despite the fact that it’s still quite chilly outside, it’s no longer bitterly cold which means that we may start turning our central heating down and embracing the sun.

Our top picks for getting your skin care routine summer ready. Photo credit: Jemma Page

Less central heating is great news for our skin but it also means that our skin care routines may need a bit of a revamp. You can kiss your heavy duty moisturisers goodbye and say hello to SPF and lighter bases.

As mentioned, SPF is an incredibly important step that you should definitely be adding to your skin care routine. The sun’s rays are exceptionally harmful to the skin and as well as ageing the skin, they also can increase the risk of skin cancer.

Gone are the days of heavy SPF’s that clogged your pores. Technology has advanced and there are now some wonderfully light formulas out there that not only protect the skin from the sun, but also have further beneficial skin care ingredients.

The high street has been needed a good, affordable SPF and Soap & Glory have answered our prayers. Their Make Yourself Youthful Sunshield Superfluid SPF 50+ is not only lightweight and protecting, it mattifies and evens out blotchy skin tone too.

Instead of smothering your skin in a heavy moisturiser, it’s worth changing your skin creams so that they are lighter in formula. A gel-based moisturiser is great for smoothing onto the skin as they moisturise dry patches and balance out oily patches.

Garnier’s Revitalising Hydrating Gel fits the bill nicely. It’s smells delicious, balances out the skin and isn’t heavy on the purse strings either. Not only is this a lovely moisturiser, it’s also a beautiful base for make up.

Another good idea is to use an oil, even if you have oily skin. If you completely strip your skin of its oils, it will go into overdrive and produce more oil than necessary to make up for it. Using an oil balances the skin and leaves it “normal.”

Bio-Oil is a cult classic that’s loved by many. It’s a dry oil which means it won’t leave your skin looking overly shiny. Instead, it’s the perfect night-time moisturiser as it evens out skin tone and helps reduce scarring and pigmentation.