Written by Corinna Bolino.

Now the high street have introduced their new lines for the season ahead, the key styles are becoming clear, but one trend is definitely making a statement right now.


The ripped jean has always had a love affair with fashion. Initially a statement of the tom-boy and lending itself to the rock and roll glamour, ripped jeans have returned chic-er than ever.

Retailers such as ASOS and Topshop have been particularly sporting the trend and there seems to be three key ways to wear the piece: Casual fit, Skinny and Relaxed.

Casual fit refers to the “boyfriend fit” many mainstream retailers have added to their collections both this season and in the previous winter collections. The ripped jeans (often with frayed cuts across the knees and along the leg) adds to the casual loose fitting look but noting a harsher tone. Couple the baggy bottoms with a tailored cami or blouse to add a feminine touch that will compliment your figure – always a bonus.

A girl’s staple best friend – the skinny jean – can also be ripped right into this season. This particular fit allows you to remain ultra-glam whilst sporting a neat rip across your knees. Pairing these jeans with a pair of bright court shoes dress up the look and make them perfect for a night out.

The final look is “relaxed”: this does not refer to the cut of the jean but the overall look making them excellent for out and about on campus. But my favourite thing about this look? It’s great if you’re on a budget!

When you can’t splurge on a readymade pair it’s super easy and cheap to attempt a bit of denim D.I.Y. If you have an old pair of jeans that could do with a re-vamp there are plenty of online tutorials. I found YouTube particularly helpful as it had tutorials for all the different kind of rips you can have (small, oversized, frayed etc.).

If you don’t 100 percent trust yourself that you won’t get to scissor happy, then pop down to Primark for a bargain pair that you could make look straight out of high fashion.

Let’s begin our love with ripped jeans all over again ladies.