Written by Asmund Lovdal

A University of Lincoln society is collecting food for charity during a month of fasting.


As part of their Ramadan celebrations, the Islamic society (Isoc) is collecting food for the Nomad Trust, a Lincoln homeless charity. Isoc president Jammil Ahmed says anyone can get involved, not just society members.

“ A collective effort would create a stronger impact and encourage others to think of different ways of using their time, money and efforts to help those who are vulnerable.”

“We obviously want to collect large amounts of food. But would also like to encourage those who donate to keep their contributions consistent throughout the year. It’s not about being charitable only during certain times of the year”, he said.

The Isoc has a history of collecting for various charities. M. Ahmed says the reason they chose The Nomad Trust is because the summer is generally a time when the charity experiences a drop in donations until the harvest festival in Autumn.

“Fortunately, Ramadan rests at an opportune moment in the year to help the local homeless community.”

In Islam, Ramadan is a month of fasting. During the month, Muslims give up food during daylight hours. For Muslims, it is a month of discipline for the mind, body and soul, as well as celebration.

“Muslims use the month strengthen their relationship with Allah, whilst concurrently, reinforcing bonds of friendship and community by implementing the principles it promotes”, Ahmed explained.

This year Ramadan started the 28th of June and will end at the 27th of July.