On Friday 24 October the University of Lincoln fashion department hosted a clothes sale, allowing thrifty students the opportunity to get their hands on some second-hand goodies.

The event took place in the AAD Foyer – a perfect location for attracting fashionable buyers. All items were donated by third-year students to raise money for their June fashion show.

Garments from the likes of Topshop and H&M hung alongside top designer brands on the packed clothing rails. With nothing exceeding £30, buyers were sure to bag a bargain.

The popularity of vintage shopping undeniably aided Friday’s sales, with most students purchasing simple and timeless pieces. However, there were some rather quirky items catching the eyes of some fashion-forward shoppers.

Steve, a student managing Friday’s sale, said:

“We’ve got some of the ex-graduate’s work that has been selling as well. It’s a bit more conceptual.

“They seem to be going for names as well. I think people like a name because they know where it’s come from.”

If you missed out on Friday’s sale, fear not; the event will take place every month until the show. Fashion students will also be selling printed tote bags and getting creative for fundraising.

Money raised will go towards making next year’s fashion show one to remember. Students Holly and Fiona anticipate the show:

“It is going to be different from the ones that they have done in previous years. We’re making it more dramatic and theatrical; it’s more of a performance.

“It’s an exciting thing, rather than just your basic catwalk.”

Holly added: “There is a collaboration with drama and dance students as well. We are also trying to source models from around the uni.”

The June graduate fashion show is set to be a success, with more information due soon. The next fashion sale will take place on November 3rd from 10am-4pm.

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